Tuesday, October 7, 2008

iris wAlked for 55 shows for spring/summer 2009

i really feel proud and happy..
and that,because,as iris restarted to travel,there were some people who told me that she is too old to start to do the shows..
some people also wrote this on different websites and blogs,wanted to "remind" us all,that iris is not 18 anymore...
so what??!!
yes,iris is not 18 anymore! and yes,iris made it! bigger than a lot of "friends" thought..
real beauty has no age,we need more personality,charakter...and iris has it.

the news today is that iris walked for 55 designers,all great names.

and,this month,she has her own story in the italian vogue from mert and marcus,not bad for an "old" lady :-) :-)