Thursday, July 16, 2009

fArrah fawcett

I dont know,if you now would read this blog if farrah fawcett had not the place in my life she had.I was very young as i saw her the first time as jill in charlie´s angels and i was in love,her smile,the voice,the hair,she was funny,cute and so beautiful.And she was on the cover of vogue,harpers bazaar,,i started to give all my pocket money to buy those magazines..
She had an incredible big influence to the fashion,changing the look of a whole generation.
Of course,i also had a look on all the pages in the vogue,bazaar,all those,i started to like all those pictures,the models..blah..blah..
and now,i am here…with my own models.. all because of farrah..??!!
I never forgot my fist love.
I am truly sad that she had to suffer and for her tragical death .
Thank you farrah.for the joy i had,watching your movies,your pictures.for being an inspiration
I wish your family all the in peace..