Friday, December 20, 2013

i wish..

Maybe i should post those wishes every day,
 Even if one from the people I know, does follow one of those wishes.. life would be more what life should be..
The greatest gift is health , the best gift we can give and get is love..
If u have the power to make somebody happy,u should do this more often..
enjoy ur emotions ,use them to show people how u feel..
spend less time pointing on each others “mistakes” and enjoy each other’s  company..
Be kind..  More kind.. every day.. people always remember how u made them feel..
Anything bad what happened this year is past, past has nothing new to say..
Accept the people for what they are, we all are the same,
No color, no religion, so sexual orientation, not where we come from ,not how much money we make is  important..
We all have the same wishes,rights,dreams..
Have fun this Christmas,
drink a bit more, so that u can say to ur friends at 5 in the morning, how much u love them..
I am very lucky having people who support and love me,
I love them back very much..
i would be nothing without them..
Thank u.
Happy Holidays.Merry Christmas..